Eclipse Creative

Hotel Rebrand

Eclipse facilitated a complete rebrand with the management team of Accent Inns. Our objective was to develop a key point of differentiation for the company to better position them within the busy and competitive marketplace of tourism & hospitality.

A Brand Visual Language Guide was developed as a key training initiative for new staff to ensure that the new brand position will be delivered seamlessly by all staff. Both the Brand Workshop and Visual Language Guide provided a strong foundation for the overall launch strategy and ongoing marketing initiatives for Accent Inns.

In all instances of creative application we consistently use humour and fun to reinforce the brand story and connect with consumers in a way that is authentic and real to better suit their new tagline, “Stay local. Stay Real.”

Accent Inns

As part of the overarching efforts involved in a rebrand for this boastfully BC hotel chain, Accent Inns required a website overhaul to convey their brand positioning of local knowledge and authenticity. The new site will be colourful, intuitive, social and works in the same colours used in the BC flag!

Experience Local

Experience Local is service provided by Accent Inns for hotel guests in the form of a mobile interface / mapping tool. It allows visitors to find the best sightseeing, dining, activities, events and more in the hotels’ 5 locations across BC.