Eclipse Creative

Brochure Design

Eclipse has become a trusted extension of the Royal BC Museum’s marketing team. We’re generally called on to develop campaign concepts and graphic standards for specific exhibits but also provide design services for corporate communications materials.

We’ve been fortunate to have created campaigns such as:

The Other Emily: Redefining Emily Carr draws on the Royal BC Museum’s vast Carr collection to mount the first-ever exhibition to explore the artist’s life before she became famous – from her formative teenage years to just before she emerges as a major force on the national art scene in 1927 and included interpretations by artist, Manon Elder.

My Museum – A brand awareness campaign featuring Victoria residents stating why the Museum was so important to them.

I Saw You – A brand awareness campaign that featured an actual item in the exhibit speaking to the consumer in more of a classified ad format utilizing fun and cheeky copy.

Look for our upcoming work on the current exhibit: Race to the End of the Earth.