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Waves of Kindness Campaign


Waves of Kindness was a membership campaign aimed at driving non-members to Island Savings’ branches to open new accounts. The campaign was focused on promoting brand awareness by connecting directly with Islanders and their communities, thus generating a social movement and excitement about the campaign.


The “Waves of Kindness” surfaced as a way to show Island Savings’ connection and commitment to the community. The ‘Waves of Kindness’ were both an invitation and a challenge to make positive change in the community through small acts of spontaneous kindness.

Island Savings was already running a pay-it-forward promotion where new members would receive $50 for opening a new account, and Island Savings would then donate another $50 to charity. We built upon this in-branch activity with a Street Team and Facebook contest. The Street Team preformed random acts of kindness in the community (paying for someone’s coffee, giving out dog treats, picking up trash, etc.) and then encouraged people to post their own acts of kindness online on the Waves of Kindness Facebook application for others to see.


Guerrilla/Street Team: