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We hate to brag…

…but all of our hard work has been paying off and we couldn’t be more excited about some of our recent accomplishments! We have truly amazing clients and it shows.

We recently beat out some larger shops around the globe to take home not one, but two prestigious International Summit Awards for our clients Tourism Victoria and Silk Road Tea.

Tourism Victoria’s Escape Your Everyday campaign won “Best of Category” in the Leisure & Entertainment category. Our submission showcased a multi-faceted, integrated marketing campaign that used everything from guerrilla handcuffs to (more…)

Brand USA. Beyond the Red, White and Blue.

Everything is branded these days, from your local plumber to your province. Surprisingly enough, the most well-known brand in the world, the United States of America, has decided for the first time in 236 years to create a federal brand strategy. Canada, in comparison, has been on the tourism brand-wagon for almost 20 years now. As a result of a declining economy and American travel, President Obama has established the first national strategy to promote inbound tourism to the U.S.A.


















New Form of Advertising Hits Victoria. And No, It’s Not Online.

Have you recently been driving along Government, Blanshard, Douglas, or any other busy Victoria street and felt blinded by a large fluorescent green truck with revolving mobile billboards? 

Firefly Mobile Advertising Truck
Firefly Mobile Advertising Truck

We were recently introduced to this new form of mobile billboard advertising” and found it quite interesting. Compared to traditional static billboard advertising that you see every time you drive to and from the ferry, this form of advertising (more…)

Stella Artois, making great ads for decades

If you have sat through previews in a movie theatre, or watched a couple commercials on TV lately, you’ve probably come across this great ad from the famous beer company Stella Artois. This iconic Belgium brew has been a staple in North America for being considered a “little taste of Europe” with every sip. Their latest ads stay true to their European roots with a pair of stylish and well-groomed men fighting for the affection of a French-looking damsel who can’t receive service for the life of her at a boutique cafe. See below: