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We hate to brag…

…but all of our hard work has been paying off and we couldn’t be more excited about some of our recent accomplishments! We have truly amazing clients and it shows.

We recently beat out some larger shops around the globe to take home not one, but two prestigious International Summit Awards for our clients Tourism Victoria and Silk Road Tea.

Tourism Victoria’s Escape Your Everyday campaign won “Best of Category” in the Leisure & Entertainment category. Our submission showcased a multi-faceted, integrated marketing campaign that used everything from guerrilla handcuffs to (more…)

Brand USA. Beyond the Red, White and Blue.

Everything is branded these days, from your local plumber to your province. Surprisingly enough, the most well-known brand in the world, the United States of America, has decided for the first time in 236 years to create a federal brand strategy. Canada, in comparison, has been on the tourism brand-wagon for almost 20 years now. As a result of a declining economy and American travel, President Obama has established the first national strategy to promote inbound tourism to the U.S.A.



















By David Tapp of Eclipse Creative

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore branded content. Say what you will about the future trends in branding, advertising and design, but the shortest way to my heart is in distinguished, witty and undeniably engaging content that has my eyeballs glued to what you’re selling from top to bottom. There is still something to be said about the art of storytelling.

“68% of companies said they were shifting from traditional forms of marketing to more emphasis on aggressive forms of branded content.” – EMarketer

Vitamin Water

For those who don’t know, branded content (more…)

Seminar Tips: Building Memorable Brands

As promised, we have decided to follow up with our “Building Memorable Brands” presentation on behalf of the Downtown Victoria Business Association yesterday at the Hotel Rialto.

For those who attended, we went over the importance of nailing your brand and how to build and maintain it over time. There were some stimulating questions asked by the audience that really got everyone in the room thinking. If you missed the seminar, not to worry, below are some tips pulled from the presentation:

1. A common misconception … Your logo is NOT your brand. It is an effort to visually reinforce and help people better identify your brand. It should “assist” in brand building, but not be considered the makeup of your brand in its entirety.

2.  Define your brand! If you could think of one word to be synonymous with your brand. What would it be? For example: when we think Volvo, we think safety.

Volvo Print Ads

3. Define your brand personality. If your brand were standing in front of you in human form, what would it look, (more…)

Look it’s the Old Spice Man! No … It’s Just Pat Prefontaine

“Look at your phone. Now back to me. Now back to your phone. Now back to me. Sadly your phone isn’t me…” Was this really the script Telus had in mind for their latest ad campaign promoting Pat Prefontaine as their front man?

For those who don’t already know, Telus recently launched a series of ads that smell a whole lot like a wildly successful Old Spice Man campaign. While Telus is not the only company attempting to ride on the coattails of Old Spice’s success, they are certainly the most surprising. (See McDonald’s latest Quarter Pounder Deluxe commercial as another debatable imitation).

A lesson in brand building: When you take years investing in memorable and mighty powerful “brand standards”, stick to your guns. Telus has fallen far from its brand strategy of catchy jingles, (more…)

Always Maxi Pads: Have A Not-So-Happy Period

What happens when communication companies are off on the messaging – and I mean WAY off – to the point where a long standing customer not only complains, but is turned off from the brand for life.

This hysterical letter below shows a brilliant example of how something like this can happen quite easily if agencies don’t research and understand their target market, and then pretend to assume they do. (more…)

The Evolution of Corporate Logos

We came across logo re-design attempts some well known brands have taken over their lifetime and thought it would be great to share.

What we noticed right away is that some of these logos look completely unrecognizable in their early stages.  Because of lack of initial cash flow, businesses sometimes put off designing a logo professionally “until they get a few clients” or “until they get started.” The irony of this is that sometimes by choosing to not have your material professionally designed, you can potentially make it more difficult to obtain new clients in the early stages (contrary to what you intended to do when you decided to integrate marketing into your business). 

Looking at these logos below, it reminds us of how exposed we are to some brands in our everyday lives, and how sometimes they lose their impact amongst the clutter. It also shows us that throughout time, many businesses have invested a lot of thought and energy to refresh, remind, and re-apply their brand to their customers.

Eclipse has had the opportunity to create logos from scratch and also “refresh” existing ones in the market. So naturally, this provided us with some great insight into the world’s progression in design over time.  At a bare minimum you’ll find this is something fun to look at. Let us know which logo re-designs you find the most interesting from those shown below.  Enjoy!