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Christmas, MadMen Style.

We’d like to thank all our clients and friends who attended our 2011 MadMen themed Christmas party last Thursday, December 8th. The night was filled with phenomenal food, amazing photos, wonderful costumes and epic stories (many that we can’t disclose online). Although there were many notable costumes, there can only be few winners. Our top voted costumes for the eve were (in no particular order):

Mandy Farmer, Accent Inns

Trina Mousseau, Tourism Victoria

Don Main, Elections BC 

(Thanks for coming out in full force. Prize packs will be delivered to you!)

A very special thanks to the ever-so-talented Derek Ford for providing his photography services (and promptly leaving with his camera just before things really got interesting) and David Feys and the crew at Feys+Hobbs Catered Arts for providing the phenomenal service and delicious food for the evening. Also special thank yous are due to Sean Goode (our super volunteer resident bell boy who greeted you at the door) and Garside Displays for all their hard work completing our MadMen signage needs under the wire!

Now, onto the photo reel. (more…)

Best and Worst Agency Holiday Cards

To wrap up the holiday season, we thought we’d review the wave of 2009 agency christmas cards. For many people, especially those in the creative field, holiday cards are something to take pride in. This year we had a lot of fun with our holiday e-greeting – we dressed up in festive sweaters and crammed into a tiny Wal-Mart portrait studio to take an Eclipse “family” portrait. (more…)

Great Gift For The Holidays

We found this neatly designed “Alarm Clock With Wheels” idea to be quite amusing and had to share it. Great Christmas gift idea, or your dogs’ next chew toy  – what would you think if you got something like this for Christmas? To get ahold of your own, they can be found here.  

alarm clock packagingAlarm Clock With Wheels