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We hate to brag…

…but all of our hard work has been paying off and we couldn’t be more excited about some of our recent accomplishments! We have truly amazing clients and it shows.

We recently beat out some larger shops around the globe to take home not one, but two prestigious International Summit Awards for our clients Tourism Victoria and Silk Road Tea.

Tourism Victoria’s Escape Your Everyday campaign won “Best of Category” in the Leisure & Entertainment category. Our submission showcased a multi-faceted, integrated marketing campaign that used everything from guerrilla handcuffs to (more…)

Ecofont — an ink saving typeface.

I was recently reading an article in Douglas Magazine about how to reduce environmental impact in the workplace and came across an innovation that I found quite interesting. Ecofont, developed by Dutch communications company SPRANQ (, is a font designed to save you money and reduce waste. It achieves this by (more…)

The Evolution of Corporate Logos

We came across logo re-design attempts some well known brands have taken over their lifetime and thought it would be great to share.

What we noticed right away is that some of these logos look completely unrecognizable in their early stages.  Because of lack of initial cash flow, businesses sometimes put off designing a logo professionally “until they get a few clients” or “until they get started.” The irony of this is that sometimes by choosing to not have your material professionally designed, you can potentially make it more difficult to obtain new clients in the early stages (contrary to what you intended to do when you decided to integrate marketing into your business). 

Looking at these logos below, it reminds us of how exposed we are to some brands in our everyday lives, and how sometimes they lose their impact amongst the clutter. It also shows us that throughout time, many businesses have invested a lot of thought and energy to refresh, remind, and re-apply their brand to their customers.

Eclipse has had the opportunity to create logos from scratch and also “refresh” existing ones in the market. So naturally, this provided us with some great insight into the world’s progression in design over time.  At a bare minimum you’ll find this is something fun to look at. Let us know which logo re-designs you find the most interesting from those shown below.  Enjoy!








Great Gift For The Holidays

We found this neatly designed “Alarm Clock With Wheels” idea to be quite amusing and had to share it. Great Christmas gift idea, or your dogs’ next chew toy  – what would you think if you got something like this for Christmas? To get ahold of your own, they can be found here.  

alarm clock packagingAlarm Clock With Wheels

Check Out Our New Digs!

If you are reading this blog post, it means that you have already been introduced to our new website. Our main goal with the new site was to showcase our services and work and also to give you, the visitor, a stronger understanding of the Eclipse brand. We’ve also incorporated the newest website design and social media trends.

Redesigning your website is an investment into your online brand, allowing you to connect with your audience using web 2.0 standards. Here are our top five reasons to redesign your website.

1.) Stay Current
Technology and social media is changing at an incredibly fast rate, so it’s important that your online presence stays current with the latest trends.

2.) Fulfill Your Brand Promise
A professionally designed web site is an extension of your brand, your site becomes part of the experience of doing business with you. A professional image online will separate you from the competition as the supplier of choice.

3.) Enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
One of the hardest decisions your business faces when optimizing your new site is balancing a healthy medium of bells and whistles using flash, and keeping room for the bare essentials of HTML content for driving web traffic. Finding that happy medium will help make all the difference.

4.) Improve Aesthetic Appeal
If a fresh set of eyes cannot immediately notice your visual improvements throughout the first phases of your site’s redesign – scratch everything and go back to the drawing board.

5.) Ease of Navigation
There is nothing more annoying then having to think while trying to find information on a website. Your new site’s navigation should be made as intuitive as impossible. We found this source quite interesting for facts on design patterns and best practices, take a look.

We absolutely, above all, would love your feedback! Feel free to comment on our blog, tweet us, send us a message on Facebook or pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re all ears!

See our new and old website comparison below:

Old Eclipse website

Old Eclipse website

New Eclipse website

New Eclipse website