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Seminar Tips: Building Memorable Brands

As promised, we have decided to follow up with our “Building Memorable Brands” presentation on behalf of the Downtown Victoria Business Association yesterday at the Hotel Rialto.

For those who attended, we went over the importance of nailing your brand and how to build and maintain it over time. There were some stimulating questions asked by the audience that really got everyone in the room thinking. If you missed the seminar, not to worry, below are some tips pulled from the presentation:

1. A common misconception … Your logo is NOT your brand. It is an effort to visually reinforce and help people better identify your brand. It should “assist” in brand building, but not be considered the makeup of your brand in its entirety.

2.  Define your brand! If you could think of one word to be synonymous with your brand. What would it be? For example: when we think Volvo, we think safety.

Volvo Print Ads

3. Define your brand personality. If your brand were standing in front of you in human form, what would it look, (more…)

A Battle of Epic Proportions: Scooters or Parliament Buildings?

As promised, we felt the need to publicize this weeks voting totals for the DVBA’s ‘My Downtown’ Photo contest that runs until June 18th, 2010. It has been a grueling battle between Rajinder Nirwan and Brittany King for top spot, and we’re just as interested as the next person to see (more…)

Being Nude. That’s What I Love About Downtown!

When the Downtown Victoria Business Association approached us to assist with a campaign that promotes why people love working, living, dining and playing Downtown, we never dreamed of seeing submissions like “Nude At Nood” coming through the ‘My Downtown’ contest page.

This picture and poem of what looks like a naked man (more…)