Eclipse Creative

We hate to brag…

…but all of our hard work has been paying off and we couldn’t be more excited about some of our recent accomplishments! We have truly amazing clients and it shows.

We recently beat out some larger shops around the globe to take home not one, but two prestigious International Summit Awards for our clients Tourism Victoria and Silk Road Tea.

Tourism Victoria’s Escape Your Everyday campaign won “Best of Category” in the Leisure & Entertainment category. Our submission showcased a multi-faceted, integrated marketing campaign that used everything from guerrilla handcuffs to (more…)

Doing it Dead Right

Some brands are destined for success when establishing themselves on Facebook by the very nature of their product. Victoria’s Secret, Oreo, Starbucks, Disney – all rather easy to make sexy, engaging … and therefore, popular.

That said, there are brands out there that are just not that sexy. In fact, some are the complete opposite of sexy. We’ve talked just as many businesses out of Facebook as we have in when we believe it isn’t a good fit. Contrary to popular belief, all agencies don’t assume Facebook is the answer for every business.

Yet, we recently stumbled on this little local surprise and felt we needed to share and give props. (more…)

The Best of Social Media Mishaps

There has been a lot of recent press on the positive implications associated with social media. We strongly believe that when planned properly it can improve brand recognition, strengthen customer relationships and help you reach your marketing goals. But, it’s important to realize, if so many great things are coming from social media, there has to be some examples of things gone wrong. Here are a couple examples of  what we believe to be some of the biggest mishaps in social media thus far.

1.) Baja Fresh, a casual dining Mexican grill based out of the US offered its Facebook fans a “free burrito” coupon downloadable right off their fanpage. Apparently without actually needing to become a fan, just about anyone was able to access the coupon. The lesson learned:  Think “social media strategy”, not “social media implementation”. This is a clear case of a company diving right into social networking without planning out their course of action first. The result: over 50,000 people across the country coming into restaurants to redeem their (more…)